AOK group makes strong alliances with numerous partner enterprises. Connecting with those enterprises, AOK group aims to spread good influence on the community and mutual symbiosis.
Chaum - Life center
Adopting AOK platform as a payment medium, it makes customers use numerous Chaums’ clinic systems. Chaum provides highly-personalized, comprehensive health and well-being services for prevention, treatment and management of diseases.
Medical checkup & anti-aging
Medical checkup & anti-aging
Chaum's unique "Triple Health System" allows you to access Western, traditional Eastern, and alternative medicine based on the Eight-Constitution medical practices. Chaum diagnoses customers, not even their disease exposed. Chaum’s goal is keeping every customers’ health and ful-fill their health when any diseases are found.
Triple checkup, Anti aging center, Detox slimming center, Food therapy center, Pain control/Posture clinic center, Metabolic syndrome center, Korean medicine center, Outpatient clinic.
Medical checkup & anti-aging
High tech
Beauty & wellness
With Chaum's beauty and wellness clinic, AOK users can take care of his/her appearance not only outside of skin but also beauty inside.
Dermatology/Plastic surgery center, Evercell skin care, CHA bio F&C, Thera spa, Hair spa, Benefit center (Fitness center),
Medical checkup & anti-aging
World leading
CHA Bio technology
Extract and storage one’s stem cell using Chaums’ fine biotechnology.
The stem cell could be used when treatments for intractable and chronic diseases are needed.

stem cell technology, bio insurance, immune therapy center, Tokyo cell clinic
Cozy and modern
In Chaum, there is couple of amenities for customers and visitor.
To lead a healthy life in other ways, amenities provide healthy food and tea.
With ingredient advisor and fine dining chef, take your healing time and recess.
Les Trois (restaurant), CHA in CHA (Customized Tea)(Julian's bread (bakery)